Medicare Premiums Lowered in 2019

Medicare Premiums Reduced in 2019 | Journey Financial GroupGreat news for people on Medicare!

Great news for people who are on Medicare (or are going to be in 2019)! Premiums for Medicare Advantage & Part D Plans will be lower and the benefits and plan choices will be better! For most carriers, they are focused on the well being of their members.  After all, the fewer hospital and emergency room visits the better, for you as the member and for the insurance carriers! 


Many of the Medicare Advantage plans have some added benefits such as:

  • Meal delivery
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Care-giving support
  • A Personal Emergency Response System
  • Gym membership
  • Hearing and vision aids


Many of these benefits are at no extra cost to the member!

We’ve also seen an increase in the carriers doing Welcome Calls to their new members.  When a member receives the call, they can schedule their annual wellness visit and/or complete a Health Assessment. Members can also take advantage of the carriers House Calls yearly visit and learn more about getting prescriptions delivered to their homes. 

What makes the biggest difference among each carrier is their Network of providers, pharmacies and hospitals.  Sitting down with an experienced Certified Agent is critical to selecting the plan that best meets the needs of the individual. 

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