Long-Term Care VS. Universal Life Insurance

People are starting to ask us…”Should I think about purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance in light of the recent pandemic?”   Well, there is a better option to consider and we will explain why. As baby-boomers enter the retirement stage of life … Continued

When To Report A Claim

When brokers issue an insurance policy for their client they will go over the coverage’s and even some of the exclusions in the policy, but there is one important aspect brokers forget to review with clients: When and how to … Continued


Please read the attached FAQ on the CARES Act to find out more about the stimulus checks, unemployment, pandemic unemployment, and much more! Open CARES Act FAQ for Enrollers PDF  

The Cost of COVID-19

There are a lot of articles, stories, and videos floating around with information about the cost of COVID-19. What happens if you get sick, go see a doctor, they test you for COVID and it’s positive? What if the test … Continued

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

We suggest examining your retirement preparedness plans to ensure you are saving enough now. One option to consider adding to your financial portfolio is a fixed indexed annuity, which can provide balance to financial plans and offer a steady stream … Continued

Do You Know About Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Life can throw us unexpected challenges, but being prepared for the unpredictable journey can help during a time in need. Life insurance is more than a death benefit; it can offer a wide range of solutions. Indexed Universal Life Insurance … Continued

Do You Need Separate Insurance If You Have a Side Business?

The simple answer is yes! Many people mistakenly believe they’re covered by one of their present policies, such as homeowners insurance, renters insurance or auto insurance. That is not the case. Most homeowner’s policies exclude business pursuits or limit the … Continued