Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

We suggest examining your retirement preparedness plans to ensure you are saving enough now. One option to consider adding to your financial portfolio is a fixed indexed annuity, which can provide balance to financial plans and offer a steady stream … Continued

Do You Know About Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

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Do You Need Separate Insurance If You Have a Side Business?

The simple answer is yes! Many people mistakenly believe they’re covered by one of their present policies, such as homeowners insurance, renters insurance or auto insurance. That is not the case. Most homeowner’s policies exclude business pursuits or limit the … Continued

Medicare Premiums Lowered in 2019

Great news for people on Medicare! Great news for people who are on Medicare (or are going to be in 2019)! Premiums for Medicare Advantage & Part D Plans will be lower and the benefits and plan choices will be … Continued

Healthcare and Politics – What’s Going On?!

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