What Drives the Cost of Healthcare Up?

Despite the government’s efforts to make health insurance affordable for everyone, healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  From your monthly premiums, to the doctor visits, to lab tests bills, healthcare is expensive, especially for those who pay outside of a group plan. On average, a family of 4 will pay no less than $1,000/month for a Silver plan and a healthy 30-year old woman will pay $300/month. These aren’t even the best plans out there; in fact, they are right above a high-deductible health plan. 

Research suggests the U.S. has the highest costs for health care.  Also, people are making less money today due to the rising costs of health care. Meaning, the percentage we are paying today is much higher than it was 5 years ago.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to the rising costs of healthcare:

  • Drug costs
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • The threat of lawsuits
  • Promotion of the entitlement mentality
  • Lack of informed consumers
  • Our aging population
  • Unlimited lifetime maximums
  • Administrative & System inefficiencies in the Insurance Companies
  • Medical Advances
  • Government Regulation

While some of these are not in our control, others are. Stay informed of the changes happening in healthcare, vote on city, state, and national legislations that affect our healthcare system, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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