Workers Compensation Claims: How Employers Can Help Their Employees

Employers continue to be concerned about the price of Workers Compensation Insurance.  With the rising costs of healthcare, co-pays, and labs, a workers compensation claim can drastically affect a business. Here are a few ways an employer can assist in the claims process:

  • Educate their employees on preventing injuries and the steps to take if an injury does happen
  • Employers have the opportunity to keep and attract valuable employees by staying proactive when an employee is injured
  • Collect employees’ feedback about the progression of the claim and the services they received by the healthcare community
  • When an employee is injured, get them care immediately and be their advocate through the entire process.  As the employer, it is important to get them the best care possible. 
  • Employees should be aware of how the healthcare costs associated with workplace injuries can impact salaries
  • Place someone in charge of all work related claims and walk the employee through the process
  • Make sure your agent or broker has all current information about the business, don’t leave anything out about your business operations

These simple measures will go a long way to strengthen the employer-employee relationship. As a broker, our job is to take the necessary steps to accurately classify your business and prevent any large surprises at the time of a workers compensation audit. 

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  1. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for helping me learn more about workers compensation claims. It’s good to know that it’s important to get immediate care if an employee is injured. It sounds important for employers to be aware of the work that is going on especially so they can monitor their employees and make sure everyone is safe.


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