January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to 2018!

Journey Financial Group appreciates your continued support and hope this year brings many new memories to you and your family. Back in October, the company conducted a successful survey, asking clients about their experience as well as what they know about Journey. Through that survey, it was revealed than many clients are not aware of all the divisions the company offers. Therefore, a quarterly newsletter will be sent out to highlight the spectrum of solutions that Journey can provide.

Journey Financial Group January 2018 Newsletter

What is your point B?

Whether you have auto, home, health, or retirement accounts with Journey, all clients have a point A (where you are today) and a point B (where you’d like to be in retirement). No matter where you are in your own personal journey, it is important to always protect you and your family first. The Journey team believes proper protection is key to any financial portfolio, and they are here to help you get to your point B.

Journey Financial Group January 2018 Newsletter

Featured Product:

Life Insurance

Each quarter, the newsletter will highlight a product or coverage that Journey offers. To begin the year, the first (and probably most important) is life insurance. Many people relate life insurance to death, however, it’s not for when you die, it’s for when your loved ones don’t. Also, there are many living benefits to life insurance.

Not sure if you need life insurance? Ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What happens if you don’t come home tonight?
  2. How does that make you feel?
  3. How much can you put aside each month to make sure your family is taken care of?

Quote of the quarter

In this section, the team will share one of their favorite quotes. This quote is a favorite of Chad’s. He believes that teamwork makes the dream work!
Journey Financial Group January 2018 Newsletter

Educate. Empower. Guide.

Let Journey help build and preserve your wealth so you can focus on the road ahead.

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