The Cost of COVID-19

There are a lot of articles, stories, and videos floating around with information about the cost of COVID-19.

  • What happens if you get sick, go see a doctor, they test you for COVID and it’s positive?
  • What if the test is negative?
  • What happens if you have to stay in the hospital?
  • What happens if you don’t have insurance at all?

Let’s start with what is free: testing and doctor visit copays. If you have symptoms, you need a doctor’s recommendation to receive a test. If you go to your doctor, your copay is free. If you are tested, the test is free. Even if the test comes out negative, your test is still free.

Unfortunately, that is all that is free. If you test positive for COVID and they admit you to a hospital, this is where the cost starts to add up. If you have insurance, your normal co-pays, fees, and deductibles will apply. If you do not have any insurance, anything that is done at a hospital is owed, you will be charged for all of the things that a hospital visit entails (bed, care, drugs, overnight stays, and much more). It is estimated that the hospital stay can cost anywhere from $15,000 – $75,000, depending on the length of stay and the extent of treatment.

The good news? Most people who test positive can practice self-care from their homes. However, if your symptoms are severe or you are deemed high-risk, it is vital that you go to the emergency room and receive additional care. Listen to your doctor, they are the best source of information during this unfamiliar time.

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