Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

We suggest examining your retirement preparedness plans to ensure you are saving enough now. One option to consider adding to your financial portfolio is a fixed indexed annuity, which can provide
balance to financial plans and offer a steady stream of income in retirement. Fixed Indexed Annuities also offer tax-deferred growth, meaning taxes are not owed until a withdrawal is made. Complete this
Retirement Planning Worksheet to see if the Fixed Indexed Annuity is right for you.
Financial certainty can be improved if you utilize certain financial resources such as:

Guaranteed Income is more important than ever with Americans living longer and spending more time in retirement. Knowing how Annuity products can play a role in your financial planning process can help
protect your hard-earned principal from the uncertainty of market volatility. Before determining if the Fixed Indexed Annuity is right for your portfolio, make sure you understand the specific product features and if the benefits ladder into your goals.
A fixed-indexed annuity might be right for you If you…

  • Have a retirement plan in place, but want to add balance to the mix
  • Need your earnings to never fall below zero
  • Want growth potential, coupled with principal protection from market loss
  • Seek a guaranteed minimum rate of return that never varies, regardless of market swing
  • Are interested in an annuity where the insurance company assumes the risk
  • Want guaranteed income, regardless of the contract value

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Retirement Planning Worksheet:

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