Veterans Benefits and Medicare

Great news for Veterans age 65 and older…you have options when deciding how to obtain healthcare!  You can just use the VA benefits and/or enroll onto a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Stand-Alone Part D Plan. Did you know the … Continued

What Drives the Cost of Healthcare Up?

Despite the government’s efforts to make health insurance affordable for everyone, healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  From your monthly premiums, to the doctor visits, to lab tests bills, healthcare is expensive, especially for those who pay outside of a group plan. … Continued

Group Health Renewals for 2019

December may seem far off, however, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your upcoming renewal. About 75% of companies in California go through their open enrollment in the 4th Quarter.  That creates a bottleneck with the insurance … Continued

2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment

The 2019 Annual Enrollment Period, also known as Open Enrollment for Medicare beneficiaries, is fast approaching. When deciding on whether to make a change to your Medicare Advantage or Part D Plan, be aware, benefits and premiums can change from … Continued

January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to 2018! Journey Financial Group appreciates your continued support and hope this year brings many new memories to you and your family. Back in October, the company conducted a successful survey, asking clients about their experience as well as what … Continued

Living Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance is commonly known as an insurance policy that will provide a death benefit to beneficiaries once the insured passes away. Although this is correct, and it is CRITICAL to a financial portfolio, there are other benefits to life … Continued

Life Insurance – Insure Your Love

Life Insurance, what is it for? Death. But it’s not for when you die, it’s for when your family doesn’t. We’ve all seen them: the car wash fundraisers or gofundme campaigns that families are doing because they can’t afford the … Continued